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  • Meet
    Barry Sheehan... Inventor

    Below are two interviews with Barry Sheehan, Inventor of The Blade Saver. The first is the story behind The Blade Saver and how it came into being & the second is short video of Barry explaining why he feels it's important to "invest in yourself".

    The Blade Saver Story   Invest In Yourself
  • What the Blade Saver will do for you!

    Save You Money, by re-sharpening the same blade unto 10 times!

    Ensure you have a "Razor Sharp" blade whenever you need it!

    Allows you to Re-Use & Re-Cycle your existing blades,
    Reducing your need to replace them with new ones, thereby helping the environment!

    It will sharpen any razor in seconds!

    The Blade Saver - Razor Sharp When You Need It!

  • Read what the papers
    have to say

    Read some of the write ups we've had in various
    local & national media publications

    The Sunday Independent The Cork News Evening Echo The Carrigdhoun Business Plus Magazine
  • Start shaving money now!
    Order yours today.

    Do you know that most people spend between €180 and €360 per year on replacement razor blades depending on personal usage and model of razor! Also, do you know that most razor blades only last for 6 good shaves; now with The Blade Saver you can use the same razor blade over and over again. Giving you that new blade feeling every time!

    Just €9.99 + P&P

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